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.04 Hunting.

A. General.

(1) The Director may establish areas designated for public hunting and areas for leased hunting.

(2) Notice.

(a) The areas open to public hunting and leased hunting shall be posted.

(b) The designated public hunting areas shall be published annually in the Guide to Hunting and Trapping in Maryland.

(3) Only members of the hunt club listed in the hunting lease agreement may hunt on their club's designated tract or tracts between the dates of September 1 and June 1.

(4) The hunting season in all designated hunting areas shall be in accordance with State and federal laws and regulations.

(5) Except by written permit, an individual may not trap or attempt to trap on Chesapeake Forest Lands. The permit shall be issued by the Director.

(6) Except by written permit, issued by the Director, an individual may not use a dog to chase fur-bearing mammals on Chesapeake Forest Lands. The Director shall review applications for a permit consistent with Regulation .03 of this chapter.

(7) An individual may not hunt within 150 yards of an occupied structure or camp.

(8) An individual hunting on Chesapeake Forest Lands, may not hunt within 150 feet of any Chesapeake Forest Lands boundary, adjacent to private land, nor shoot on, from, or across any public road. The hunting of wild waterfowl, as defined in COMAR, is exempt from the 150 foot restriction where the boundary coincides with the shoreline of the waters of the State.

(9) Except as provided in §A(10) of this regulation, an individual may only erect on Chesapeake Forest Lands blinds or treestands that are brought in and taken out with the individual each day.

(10) With written permission from the Service, an individual may use or construct permanent blinds or tree stands on Chesapeake Forest Lands.

(11) A person may not enter onto a leased hunting tract between the dates of September 1 and June 1 without written permission from the Service.

B. Baiting or Feeding on Chesapeake Forest Lands.

(1) Except as provided in §B(2) of this regulation, an individual may not place, cause to be placed, scatter, or distribute:

(a) Shucked or unshucked corn, wheat, or other grain;

(b) Salt; or

(c) Other feed.

(2) Baiting or feeding on designated leased hunting areas is allowed only by written permission from the Service from September 1 through January 31.

(3) An individual may not hunt, shoot, kill, or attempt to hunt, shoot, or kill, a game bird or a mammal by the aid of bait, on or over the baited area on any public hunting area.

C. Guiding on Chesapeake Forest Lands. A person may not guide hunting parties for economic gain on any Chesapeake Forest Lands tract owned or controlled by the Department of Natural Resources and managed by the Service.