.01 Responsible Gaming Plan.

A. A facility shall establish a responsible gaming plan that includes at least the following elements:

(1) Goals;

(2) Procedures and deadlines for implementation;

(3) Identification of facility personnel responsible for implementation;

(4) Responsibilities of facility personnel identified as responsible for implementation;

(5) Training for facility personnel on problem gambling;

(6) Means of educating players about:

(a) Problem gambling; and

(b) Problem gambling treatment resources, including treatment and prevention programs;

(7) Placement of responsible gambling awareness materials in the facility; and

(8) Any other element required by the Commission.

B. A facility operator shall submit to the Commission the responsible gaming plan required under §A of this regulation for review and approval.

C. A facility operator shall submit any amendments to a facility’s responsible gaming plan to the Commission prior to implementation.

D. A facility operator shall submit to the Commission an annual report describing the operation of the facility’s responsible gaming plan.