.10 Storage of Equipment, Systems, and Software Outside a Facility.

A. A manufacturer or facility operator may not utilize a location outside of a facility to store or repair equipment, systems, software, or related parts and inventory for use in a facility without the storage facility being:

(1) Inspected by the Commission; and

(2) Approved in writing by the Commission.

B. A manufacturer or facility operator shall locate a storage facility in Maryland in a location or locations that reasonably permit the delivery of the support and technical services.

C. A manufacturer or facility operator shall submit to the Commission a written request to utilize a storage facility under žA of this regulation which includes, at a minimum:

(1) Address;

(2) Physical description of the storage facility;

(3) Specifications for the surveillance system that has been or will be installed at the proposed storage facility; and

(4) Security procedures for the storage facility.