.08 Instant Bingo Machine Additional Requirements

A. An instant bingo machine shall be configured to lock-up and preclude further play following a single jackpot event that requires the filing of an IRS Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings.

B. The following error conditions shall result in placement of instant bingo machine in a disabled mode, shall prevent play, and shall only be cleared by a manufacturer and/or operator:

(1) Low RAM battery;

(2) Printer:

(a) Failure;

(b) Jam; or

(c) Out of paper;

(3) Ticket dispenser:

(a) Failure;

(b) Jam; or

(c) Out of tickets;

(4) Presentation error;

(5) Program error or defective program storage media;

(6) Reel spin error;

(7) Removal of the control storage media;

(8) RAM defective or corrupted; and

(9) Bill validator jam.

C. An instant bingo machine shall be capable of recalling and displaying a complete play history for the most recent game event and at least three games immediately preceding the most recent game event and shall:

(1) Be presented in the same sequence as the original game play;

(2) Be available when the instant bingo machine is in:

(a) Idle mode;

(b) Administrative mode;

(c) Disabled mode; and

(d) Tilt mode; and

(3) Include:

(a) Game outcome in graphics or text;

(b) The base game and all intermediate play decisions;

(c) Details sufficient to determine the credits available at the start and end of each game event;

(d) Wagers placed per line;

(e) Number of lines on which wagers were placed; and

(f) Credits won.

D. A manufacturer and/or operator shall equip an instant bingo machine with a maintenance log for use in documenting each time a:

(1) Instant bingo machine is entered; or

(2) A device connected to an instant bingo machine which may affect the operation of the instant bingo machine is accessed.

E. A maintenance log shall be:

(1) Signed by each individual accessing an area enumerated in §D of this regulation including representatives of a manufacturer, contractor, facility operator or the Commission;

(2) Maintained in a book with bound numbered pages that cannot be readily removed:

(a) In the main cabinet of the instant bingo machine; and

(b) On the cover of which are fields to record:

(i) The instant bingo machine’s manufacturer’s serial number;

(ii) Commission certification number; and

(iii) A log book sequence number;

(3) Utilized to document the following:

(a) Date and time of entry;

(b) Entering individual's signature;

(c) Reason for entering the instant bingo machine including the identification of areas inspected or repaired; and

(4) Retained by a facility operator for a minimum of two years from the date of the last entry unless a request for destruction is submitted in writing and approved in writing by the Commission.