.05 Emergency Modification of Equipment, a System, or Software.

A. Notwithstanding the requirements of Regulations .02C and .03C of this chapter, the Commission may, on submission of a written request by a manufacturer, authorize installation of a modification to equipment, a system or software required to be tested, certified, and approved by the Commission under Regulation .01E of this chapter, on an emergency basis.

B. A written request submitted by a manufacturer to the Commission shall document the:

(1) Equipment, system, or software proposed for emergency modification including:

(a) Software identification number; and

(b) Version number;

(2) Facility;

(3) Reason for the emergency modification; and

(4) Proposed date and time of installation.

C. A manufacturer may not install an emergency modification without the written approval of the Commission.

D. Not more than 15 days following receipt of Commission authorization on an emergency modification, a manufacturer shall submit a modification identical to that receiving emergency authorization for testing, certification, and approval under this chapter.