.11 Security Operating Procedures.

A. A facility operator shall submit to the Commission for review and written approval its security operating procedures.

B. A facility operatorís security operating procedures shall, at a minimum, include:

(1) A security zone plan for the facility designed to ensure:

(a) The physical safety of employees and invitees to the facility;

(b) The safeguarding of assets;

(c) Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including Commission approved internal controls and operating procedures;

(d) That intoxicated individuals are identified, prohibited from entering the facility and, if necessary, immediately removed from the facility; and

(e) That an individual under the age of 18 years is identified, prohibited from playing instant bingo and, if necessary immediately removed from the facility; and

(2) Procedures and controls addressing:

(a) Facility access controls including:

(i) An access badge or key system;

(ii) If utilized, specifications pertaining to a computerized access control system; and

(iii) Administrative responsibility over a manual or computerized access control system;

(b) A temporary access credential;

(c) Key controls;

(d) Emergency alarm and fire command responsibilities;

(e) Evacuation of the facility in the event of fire or other emergency;

(f) The identification and immediate removal of an intoxicated individual, and, if applicable, an individual under the age of 18 years; and

(g) The notice requirements of §(B)(4) of this regulation;

(3) A security incident log:

(a) Maintained in:

(i) A book with bound numbered pages that cannot be readily removed; or

(ii) An electronic format equipped with software that prevents modification of an entry after it has been initially entered into the system; and

(b) Documenting:

(i) The assignment number of the incident;

(ii) The date and time of the incident;

(iii) The name of the person covering the incident;

(iv) The nature of the incident; and

(v) The resolution of the incident; and

(4) A requirement that a facility operator notify the Commission upon detection of:

(a) An individual engaged in, attempting to engage in, or suspected of cheating, theft, embezzlement, or other illegal activities; and

(b) An individual who is:

(i) Under the age of 18 years and has played instant bingo; or

(ii) Intoxicated.