.09 Surveillance System Design Standards.

A. A facility operator shall install in its facility a surveillance system that complies with the requirements of this regulation.

B. A facility operatorís surveillance system shall be reviewed and approved by the Commission under Regulation .10 of this chapter.

C. A facility operatorís surveillance system shall include:

(1) Light sensitive cameras that are:

(a) Enabled by lenses of sufficient magnification to observe instant bingo operations;

(b) Enabled by lighting which is continuous and of sufficient quality to produce clear video recordings and still pictures; and

(c) Configured to clandestinely monitor and record:

(i) Play and transactions conducted at instant bingo machines;

(ii) Transactions conducted at cashier locations including the face of each individual transacting business with a cashier;

(iii) Transactions conducted at automated teller machines;

(iv) Activity in the count room;

(v) Movement of cash and cash storage boxes within the facility;

(vi) Entrances and exits to the facility;

(vii) Activities in all other restricted areas; and

(viii) Other areas and events designated by the Commission;

(2) Digital video recording capability equipped to:

(a) Superimpose the date and time on all monitoring and recording;

(b) Identify and locate, through the use of a meter, counter, or other device or method, a particular event which was recorded; and

(c) Identify on video recording disks or other storage media the type of media player and software prerequisite to viewing the digital images.

D. Except as provided in ßE of this regulation, a facility operator shall retain surveillance recordings for a minimum of 7 days.

E. Upon the request of the Commission or a law enforcement agency that has proper jurisdiction over the facility, a recording shall be retained and stored in accordance with the directives of the Commission or law enforcement agency pertaining to that recording.

F. A facility operator shall provide the Commission with timely and unfettered access to its surveillance monitor room, surveillance system, and all transmissions.

G. A facility operator shall comply in a timely fashion with a request from the Commission to:

(1) Use, as necessary, any monitor room in the facility;

(2) Display on the monitors in its monitor room any event capable of being captured by the surveillance system;

(3) Relinquish control of a camera or monitor;

(4) Discontinue monitoring a particular camera or recording activity captured by it;

(5) Make a video recording or photograph of any event capable of being captured by the surveillance system; and

(6) Restrict or deny access to a recording or photograph.

H. A surveillance system may not be remotely accessed from a location outside the surveillance monitor room without the prior written approval of the Commission.