.04 Review of Internal Controls.

A. A facility operator shall submit its internal controls to the Commission for review and written approval.

B. If the Commission determines that a submitted internal control is deficient, the:

(1) Commission shall provide the facility operator with written notice of the deficiency; and

(2) Facility operator shall revise the internal control as appropriate and resubmit it to the Commission for review.

C. A facility operatorís initial internal controls submission and a change or amendment to its approved internal controls shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with a process and time frame developed and implemented by the Commission.

D. The process developed by the Commission under §C of this regulation shall, at a minimum, require the facility operator to:

(1) Submit a redlined copy of any section of the approved internal controls to be changed or amended with added text underlined and deleted text lined out;

(2) Document on the redlined copy the date the Commission approved the section to be changed or amended and the date the revision was submitted to the Commission for review;

(3) Submit a narrative explaining the reason for the change or amendment which includes the facility operatorís target date for implementation;

(4) Maintain a log of all changes or amendments in approved internal controls which includes the initial approval date and the effective date of any change or amendment approved by the Commission; and

(5) Mark each page of approved internal controls with the date on which it was approved by the Commission.