.12 Manufacturer Licenses.

A. Unless a manufacturer holds a valid manufacturer's license issued by the Commission, the manufacturer may not offer any instant bingo machine, associated equipment or software, or goods or services that directly relate to the operation of instant bingo machines.

B. The following persons must meet the Commission's manufacturer license requirements:

(1) A manufacturer; and

(2) Each person that owns, controls, or is a representative of a manufacturer.

C. A manufacturer of instant bingo machines shall meet the requirements of and be licensed as a manufacturer under this regulation or COMAR

D. Qualification Requirements. The Commission may issue a manufacturer license to a person that has:

(1) Paid the application and license fee under §E of this regulation;

(2) If required, obtained a bond required under Regulation .10A of this chapter;

(3) Furnished the Commission with the information and documentation required under this chapter; and

(4) Provided the Commission with sufficient information to establish that the facility has otherwise qualified for a facility license.

E. Application and License Fees.

(1) The application fee for a person is $10,000 for a manufacturer of an instant bingo machine.

(2) The license fee for a person is $5,000 for a manufacturer of an instant bingo machine.

F. The manufacturer license authorizes the licensee to manufacture or distribute an instant bingo device to a licensed facility.

G. The Commission may issue a manufacturer license subject to conditions.

H. Term; Renewal; License Renewal Fee.

(1) The term of a manufacturer license is 5 years.

(2) The Commission may renew the license if, before the term of the license expires, the licensee applies for renewal; and

(a) Continues to comply with all licensing requirements;

(b) Submits to a background investigation under Regulation .03 of this chapter; and

(c) Pays a license renewal fee in the amount of the license fee that is required under §E(2) of this regulation.

I. A manufacturer shall pay the Commission an annual license fee of $150 for each of its instant bingo machines in operation at a facility.

J. A manufacturer who operates, maintains, supports, manufactures, or distributes an unlawful gaming device of any sort is subject to revocation of the instant bingo manufacturer license and any other sanction available under Regulation .17 of this chapter.