.31 Mixing Tiles.

A. After receiving a set of tiles at the table, the dealer shall sort and inspect the tiles and the floorperson assigned to the table shall verify the inspection.

B. Nothing in this section precludes a facility operator from cleaning the tiles prior to the inspection required in §C of this regulation.

C. A dealer shall inspect the tiles at the gaming table by:

(1) Sorting a set of tiles into pairs;

(2) Placing each tile side by side to determine that all tiles are the same size and shading; and

(3) Examining the back and sides of each tile to ensure that it is not flawed, scratched, or marked, and if the dealer finds that a tile is unsuitable for use:

(a) A floorperson or above shall bring another set of tiles to the table from the reserve in the pit stand; and

(b) The unsuitable set of tiles shall be placed in a sealed envelope or container, identified by table number, date and time and signed by the dealer and floorperson or above.

D. Following the inspection and verification of the tiles described in §C of this regulation, the dealer shall:

(1) Turn the tiles face up;

(2) Place the tiles into 16 pairs;

(3) Arrange the tiles according to rank; and

(4) Leave the tiles in pairs for visual inspection by the first player to arrive at the table.

E. After the first player arriving at the table is afforded an opportunity to visually inspect the tiles, the dealer shall:

(1) Turn the tiles face down on the table;

(2) Mix the tiles:

(a) With the heels of the hands;

(b) In a circular motion with one hand moving clockwise and the other hand moving counterclockwise; and

(c) With each hand completing at least eight circular motions to provide a random mixing; and

(3) Randomly pick up four tiles with each hand and place them side by side in stacks in front of the table inventory container, forming eight stacks of four tiles.

F. The entire set of tiles shall be remixed if, during the stacking process described in §E(2) of this regulation, a tile is turned over and exposed to the players.

G. After each round of play has been completed, the dealer shall turn all of the tiles face down and mix the tiles in accordance with §D of this regulation.

H. If there is no gaming activity at the table, the dealer shall turn the tiles face up and place them into 16 pairs according to rank.

I. After a player arrives at the table, the dealer shall follow the procedures in §E of this regulation.