.27 Shuffling and Cutting the Cards.

A. Unless the cards were preshuffled, the dealer shall shuffle the cards so they are randomly intermixed, manually or with an automated card shuffling device:

(1) Immediately prior to commencement of play;

(2) After each round of play has been completed; or

(3) When directed by a floorperson or above.

B. A facility operator may use an automated card shuffling device which inserts the stack of cards directly into a dealing shoe after shuffling is complete.

C. A deck shall be removed from the table if an automated card shuffling device:

(1) Is being used which counts the number of cards in the deck after the completion of each shuffle and indicates the number of cards present; and

(2) Reveals that an incorrect number of cards are present.

D. Upon completion of the shuffle, the dealer or automated shuffling device shall place the decks of cards in a single stack, and:

(1) If the cards were shuffled using an automated card shuffling device, deal the cards in accordance with Regulation .28, 29 or .30 of this chapter; or

(2) If the cards were shuffled manually or were preshuffled, cut the cards in accordance with the procedures in §E of this regulation.

E. If a cut of the cards is required, the dealer shall perform the cut in accordance with the standard rules.

F. After the cards have been cut and before any cards have been dealt, a floorperson or above may require the cards to be recut if the floorperson determines that the cut was performed improperly or in any way that might affect the integrity or fairness of the game.

G. If there is no gaming activity at a table which is open for gaming, the dealer shall:

(1) Remove the cards from the dealing shoe and discard rack;

(2) Unless a player requests that the cards be spread face up on the table, spread out the cards on the table face down;

(3) After the first player arriving at the table is afforded an opportunity to visually inspect the cards, complete the procedures in this section and Regulation .26 of this chapter if there is no automated shuffling device in use; and

(4) If an automated shuffling device is in use, stack the cards and place them into the automated shuffling device to be shuffled, and:

(a) Remove the batch of cards already in the shuffler; and

(b) If the automated card shuffling device stores a single batch of shuffled cards inside the shuffler in a secure manner, at a player’s request remove the batch of cards from the shuffler and spread the cards for inspection and reshuffle them prior to dealing.

H. A facility operator may use a dealing shoe or other device that automatically reshuffles and counts the cards provided that the device is submitted to the Commission and approved prior to its use in the facility.

I. If a facility operator is using a device described in §H of this regulation, §§E—G of this regulation do not apply.