.26 Inspecting Cards.

A. After receiving one or more decks of cards at the table, the dealer shall inspect the cards for any defects and a floorperson assigned to the table shall verify the inspection.

B. After the cards are inspected, the dealer shall spread the cards out face up on the table, in horizontal fan shaped columns by deck according to suit and in sequence, for visual inspection by the first player to arrive at the table.

C. After the first player arriving at the table has been afforded an opportunity to visually inspect the cards, the dealer shall:

(1) Turn the cards face down on the table;

(2) Mix the cards thoroughly by washing them; and

(3) Stack the cards.

D. After the cards have been stacked, the dealer shall shuffle them in accordance with Regulation .27 of this chapter.

E. If an automated card shuffling device is utilized and two decks of cards are received at the table, each deck of cards shall be spread for inspection, mixed, stacked, and shuffled in accordance with §§A—D of this regulation.

F. If the decks of cards received at the table are preinspected and preshuffled, §§A—E of this regulation do not apply.