.25 Table Game Statistical Data.

A. A facility operator shall maintain complete and accurate records that identify for each table game and type of game by daily, cumulative month-to-date, and cumulative year-to-date basis:

(1) Statistical drop;

(2) Statistical win; and

(3) Statistical win-to-drop percentages.

B. A facility operator shall:

(1) Prepare and distribute statistical reports to gaming facility management on at least a monthly basis;

(2) Using a 95 percent confidence interval, investigate fluctuations outside of the standard deviation from:

(a) The facility operatorís table game win-to-drop percentage for the previous business year; or

(b) In the initial year of operations, the previous month; and

(3) Document the results of the investigation required under §B(2) of this regulation in writing and submit a copy of the written investigation results to the Commission.