.21 Game Rules; Notice.

A. The Commission shall maintain:

(1) A list of all table games that have been approved by the Commission and the standard rules for each approved table game; and

(2) Records of a facility operatorís table game or feature rules that have been approved by the Commission.

B. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, a facility operator may not change the rules under which a particular table game is being operated unless the facility operator submits to, and receives written approval from, the Commission for an amendment to its rules submission under Regulation .19 of this chapter.

C. A facility operator may increase or decrease the permissible maximum wager or decrease the permissible minimum wager at a table game:

(1) If no players are playing at the table, at any time; or

(2) While players are playing the game if the facility operator:

(a) Provides at least 30 minutes advance notice of the change;

(b) Posts a sign at the gaming table advising players of the change and the time that it will go into effect; and

(c) Announces the change to players who are at the table.