.20 Request to Offer a New Table Game or Feature.

A. A facility operator that desires to offer a table game or feature that is not already in the standard rules, or to offer a new wager, paytable or other feature as part of table game that has been approved by the Commission, shall submit a written request to the Commission that contains at least:

(1) A detailed description of the table game or new feature, including the rules of play and wagering for the new table game or feature;

(2) Description of whether the game is a variation of an authorized game, a composite of authorized games, or a new game;

(3) Provide the true odds, the payout odds, and the house advantage for each wager;

(4) Provide a sketch or picture of the game layout, if any;

(5) Provide sketches, pictures, or samples of the equipment used to play the game;

(6) The reason for proposing the new table game or feature;

(7) A list of other gaming jurisdictions where the new table game or feature is currently being offered;

(8) Whether the game, its name, or any of the equipment used to play the game is covered by any issued or pending copyrights, trademarks or patents; and

(9) Any other information the Commission requests.

B. In addition to submitting a change request with the Commission, a facility operator shall, at its expense, submit the new table game or new feature for review to an independent certified testing laboratory certified by the Commission.

C. Following testing by the independent certified testing laboratory, the Commission will notify the facility operator whether the new table game or new feature has been approved, approved with conditions, or rejected.