.16 Approval of Table Game Layout, Signage, and Equipment.

A. A facility operator shall submit to the Commission for approval table game staffing plans, tournament schedules, dealer training programs, and schematics of gaming guides, table game layouts, signage and equipment.

B. For purposes of this chapter, schematics of table game equipment that shall be submitted to the Commission for review and approval include:

(1) Cards;

(2) Dice;

(3) Pai gow tiles;

(4) Gaming chips;

(5) Plaques;

(6) Commemorative chips;

(7) Pai gow and sic bo shakers;

(8) Big Six and roulette wheels;

(9) Envelopes and containers used to hold or transport table game equipment;

(10) Match Play Coupons;

(11) Direct Bet Coupons; and

(12) Table game equipment that are not otherwise required to be submitted to an independent certified testing laboratory for approval under COMAR

C. Upon receipt of written approval from the Commission of its submission under §A of this regulation, a facility operator may implement a table game staffing plan, tournament schedule or dealer training program and may utilize a gaming guide, table game layout, signage or equipment in the licensed facility.

D. A facility operatorís equipment storage and destruction areas may not be used until their location and physical characteristics have been approved by the Commission.

E. A facility operator shall obtain approval from the Commission for the following:

(1) Alternative locations for:

(a) Equipment that is required to be on the gaming table, including drop boxes, shakers, shufflers, discard racks and tip boxes; and

(b) The complete text of the rules of all authorized games as required under Regulation .24 of this chapter;

(2) Amendments to the facility operatorís plan for the distribution and collection of slot cash storage boxes, table game drop boxes or bad beat boxes under COMAR and Regulations .07 and .08 of this chapter;

(3) Sample sets of gaming chips and plaques manufactured in accordance with approved design specifications as required under COMAR and COMAR; and

(4) The collection times for dice, cards, tiles and other table game equipment from the gaming floor.