.14 Minimum and Maximum Wagers; Payout Odds.

A. A facility operator shall establish minimum and maximum wagers for any authorized table game in a facility.

B. In accordance with Regulation .23 of this chapter, a facility operator shall provide notice of the minimum and maximum wagers in effect at each gaming table.

C. A wager accepted by a dealer that exceeds the current table maximum, or is lower than the current table minimum, shall be paid or lost in its entirety in accordance with the rules of the game.

D. If a facility operator includes a wagering requirement in its rules of the game under Regulation .21 of this chapter nothing in this regulation shall preclude a facility operator from establishing additional wagering requirements that are consistent with the rules of the game, including a requirement that wagers be made in specified increments.

E. Unless otherwise specified in a Commission-approved paytable, the payout odds for wagers printed on a layout, signage, brochure or other publication distributed by the facility operator shall be stated through the use of the word "to" and may not be stated through use of the word "for".