.02 Table Inventory.

A. When a table game is opened for gaming, table game operations shall commence with the table inventory.

B. A facility operator may not cause or permit gaming chips, coins, or plaques to be added to, or removed from, a table inventory during the gaming day except:

(1) In exchange for cash;

(2) In exchange for an issuance copy of a counter check presented by a player;

(3) For the payment of winning wagers and collection of losing wagers made at the gaming table;

(4) In exchange for a gaming chip or plaque received from a player having an equal aggregate face value;

(5) In conformity with fill and credit procedures; and

(6) For the collection of vigorish.

C. When a table game is not open for gaming activity, the table inventory and a Table Inventory Slip shall:

(1) Be stored in a locked container that is clearly marked on the outside with the game and the gaming table number to which it corresponds;

(2) Have the information on the Table Inventory Slip be visible from the outside of the container; and

(3) Be stored either in the cage or secured to the gaming table, in a manner consistent with the facility’s approved internal controls.

D. The keys to the locked containers containing the table inventories shall be maintained and controlled by the gaming operations department and may not be made accessible to cage personnel or to any employee responsible for transporting the table inventories to or from the gaming tables.

E. Table Inventory Slips shall be two-part forms upon which the following is recorded:

(1) The date and identification of the shift ended;

(2) The game and table number;

(3) The total value of each denomination of value chips, coins and plaques remaining at the gaming table;

(4) The total value of all denominations of value chips, coins and plaques remaining at the gaming table; and

(5) The signatures of the dealer, or boxperson and floorperson, assigned to the gaming table who conducted the count of the table inventory when the gaming table was closed and when the gaming table was opened.