.23 Roulette — Ball, Table, and Wheel Inspection; Security Procedures.

A. A ball used in Roulette shall be:

(1) Made completely of a nonmetallic substance; and

(2) Not less than 12/16 inch nor more than 14/16 inch in diameter.

B. Roulette shall be played on a table having a Roulette:

(1) Wheel of at least 30 inches in diameter at one end of the table; and

(2) Layout imprinted on the opposite end of the table.

C. Prior to opening a Roulette table for gaming activity, a floorperson or member of a facility operatorís security department shall:

(1) Inspect the Roulette ball by passing it over a magnet or compass to assure its nonmagnetic quality;

(2) Inspect the Roulette table and Roulette wheel for any magnet or contrivance that would affect the fair operation of the Roulette wheel;

(3) Inspect the Roulette wheel to assure that the wheel is level and rotating freely and evenly; and

(4) Inspect the Roulette wheel to assure that all parts are secure and free from movement.

D. If a facility operator uses a Roulette wheel that has external movable parts, any adjustments to the movable parts shall be made by a floorperson or a member of the facility operatorís gaming operations department in the presence of a security department member.

E. All adjustments shall be completed prior to the required inspections under §C of this regulation.

F. A facility operator may replace any of the movable parts at any time, except that an inspection as required under §C of this regulation shall be completed prior to reopening the Roulette wheel and table for play.

G. A facility operator shall maintain an inspection log, which shall include:

(1) The date and time of inspection;

(2) The Roulette table number;

(3) Whether an adjustment or replacement was completed;

(4) A description of the adjustment or replacement;

(5) If required, a certification that an inspection was completed; and

(6) The signature and license number of the individual making the adjustment or replacement.

H. When a Roulette table is not open for play, the Roulette wheel shall be secured by a cover that is placed over the entire wheel and securely locked.