.15 Cards.

A. Except as otherwise approved by the Commission, cards used to play table games shall be in decks of 52 cards with each card identical in size and shape to every other card in the deck.

(1) Nothing in this regulation shall be construed to prohibit a manufacturer from manufacturing decks of cards with one or more jokers in each deck.

(2) Jokers may not be used by the facility operator in the play of any game unless authorized by the rules of the game.

B. Except as otherwise approved by the Commission, each deck shall be composed of cards in four suits: diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts.

(1) Each suit shall be composed of 13 cards:

(a) Ace;

(b) King;

(c) Queen;

(d) Jack;

(e) 10;

(f) 9;

(g) 8;

(h) 7;

(i) 6;

(j) 5;

(k) 4;

(l) 3; and

(m) 2.

(2) If approved in advance by the Commission under, the face of the ace, king, queen, jack and 10 may contain an additional marking that will permit a dealer, prior to exposing the dealerís hole card at the game of blackjack, to determine if the value of the hole card gives the dealer a blackjack.

C. The backs of each card in a deck shall:

(1) Be identical and may not contain any marking, symbol or design that may enable an individual to know the identity of any element printed on the face of the card or that will in any way differentiate the back of the card from any other card in the deck;

(2) Be designed to diminish the ability of any individual to place concealed markings thereon; and

(3) Contain the name or logo of the facility operator using the cards, unless otherwise approved by the Commission.

D. Each deck of cards shall be packaged separately or in a batch containing the number of decks selected by a facility operator for use in a particular table game.

(1) Each package of cards shall be sealed in a manner approved by the Commission under COMAR to reveal evidence of any tampering with the package.

(2) If multiple decks of cards are packaged and sealed in a batch, the package must have a label that indicates or contain a window that reveals an adequate description of the contents of the package, including the:

(a) Name of the facility operator for which the cards were manufactured;

(b) Colors of the backs of the cards;

(c) Date that the cards were manufactured;

(d) Total number of cards in the batch; and

(e) Total number of decks in the batch.

E. Individual decks of cards that are packaged and sealed in a multideck batch may not be separated from the batch for independent use at a table game.

F. The cards used by a facility operator for poker shall be:

(1) Visually distinguishable from the cards used by that facility operator for other banked table game play; and

(2) Made of plastic.

G. Each facility operator that offers the game of poker shall have and use on a daily basis at least four decks of cards with visually distinguishable card backings.

(1) Card backings may be distinguished by different logos, different colors or different design patterns.

(2) The facility operator shall submit, as part of its internal controls, the procedure for distributing and rotating the four visually distinguishable decks of cards required for use in the game of poker.

H. At a minimum, all poker cards that have been in play at least 3 months shall be replaced.

I. Cards may not be utilized in a facility unless a schematic depicting the face and backs of the cards, the colors, words, designs and graphics has been submitted to, and approved by, the Commission under COMAR

J. RFID Cards. A facility operator may use RFID cards in table games if the Commission has reviewed and approved the facility operatorís plan for use of RFID cards.

K. A facility operatorís request for Commission approval of the use of RFID cards shall include:

(1) A detailed description of the RFID technology and devices that will be used at the facility;

(2) A detailed description of the RFID technology security features that will ensure the integrity of the table games where RFID cards are in use;

(3) A detailed description of how the RFID cards and related equipment will be used in the facility; and

(4) Any other information required by the Commission.