.14 Sic Bo Shaker Security Procedures.

A. Storage.

(1) Manual and automated sic bo shakers that have not been filled with dice may be stored in a locked compartment in a pit stand.

(2) An automated sic bo dice shaker which has been filled with dice shall be secured to the sic bo table at all times.

B. Inspection.

(1) At the end of each gaming day, a pit manager or above shall inspect all sic bo shakers that have been placed in use for gaming for evidence of tampering.

(2) Evidence of tampering shall be immediately reported to a Commission compliance representative on a written report that includes at least:

(a) The date and time when the tampering was discovered;

(b) The name and signature of the individual discovering the tampering;

(c) The table number where the sic bo shaker was used; and

(d) The name and signature of the employee who is:

(i) Assigned to directly operate and conduct the game at the sic bo table; and

(ii) The supervisor assigned the responsibility for supervising the operation and conduct of the game at the sic bo table.