.07 Poker Rake Chips.

A. To facilitate the collection of the rake, a facility operator may use poker rake chips in the poker room.

B. Poker rake chips:

(1) Shall only be used by dealers; and

(2) May only be substituted for value chips that have been collected as part of the rake prior to the rake being placed in a drop box.

C. A dealer shall keep unused poker rake chips in the table inventory container.

D. The denominations that may be used for poker rake chips are $2, $3, or $4.

E. The identifying characteristics of a poker rake chip must include:

(1) The name, logo or other approved identification of the facility operator;

(2) The words “Poker Rake Chip”;

(3) One of the following denominations:

(a) “$2”;

(b) “$3”;or

(c) “$4”; and

(4) Color or design combinations to distinguish the poker rake chips from:

(a) Roulette chips used for the play of roulette at the facility;

(b) Tournament chips used for tournament play at the facility; and

(c) Value chips issued by any facility operator in the State.