.04 Roulette Chips.

A. A facility operator shall issue a roulette chip solely for the purpose of gaming at roulette.

B. At least once on any location of each face of a roulette chip, a roulette chip issued by a facility operator must contain identifying characteristics that are applied in a manner ensuring that each identify characteristic is clearly visible and remains a permanent part of the roulette chip.

C. The identifying characteristics required under §B of this regulation shall be visible to surveillance employees using the facility’s surveillance system, and include:

(1) The name, logo or other Commission-approved identification of the facility operator issuing the roulette chip;

(2) A unique design, insert or symbol that will permit a set of roulette chips being used at a particular roulette table to be distinguished from the roulette chips being used at another roulette table in the facility;

(3) The word “Roulette”;

(4) Color and design combinations distinguish the roulette chips of a player at a particular roulette table from:

(a) The roulette chips of another player at the same roulette table; and

(b) The value chips issued by a facility operator; and

(5) An edge spot that:

(a) Is applied in a manner which ensures that the edge spot;

(b) Is clearly visible on the edge and on each face of the roulette chip; and

(c) Remains a permanent part of the roulette chip; and

(d) Is created by using the colors approved for the face of the particular roulette chip in combination with one or more other colors that provides a contrast with the color on the face of the roulette chip and that enables the roulette chip to be distinguished from the roulette chips issued by any other facility operator; and

(e) Includes a design, pattern or other feature that an individual may use to identify, through the facility’s surveillance system, the player to whom the roulette chip has been assigned when the roulette chip is placed in a stack of gaming chips or in any other location where only the edge of the roulette chip is visible.