.06 Request for Authorization.

A. A facility shall obtain prior written Commission authorization before taking any of the following actions with respect to a video lottery terminal or table game equipment in its facility:

(1) Placing a video lottery terminal or table game into operation;

(2) Relocating a video lottery terminal or table game within the facility;

(3) Converting a game theme or table layout;

(4) Converting a play denomination on a video lottery terminal;

(5) Changing percentage payout;

(6) Changing an erasable programmable read only memory chip;

(7) Changing a jackpot lockup amount;

(8) Changing a configuration;

(9) Performing a substantial replacement of parts;

(10) Implementing any variation, composite, or new feature of a table game; or

(11) Performing any other action that materially alters or interrupts the operation of a video lottery terminal or table game.

B. Before the Commission may authorize an action described in §A of this regulation, a facility shall submit to the Commission written notice of the request that includes:

(1) Description of proposed action;

(2) Location of action;

(3) Start and end dates and times;

(4) Estimated "go live" date for the video lottery terminal or table game;

(5) Approval of the manufacturer of the affected video lottery terminal or table game equipment;

(6) Approval of the operator of the central monitor and control system for video lottery terminals; and

(7) Any other information requested by the Commission.

C. Notice of Changes. A facility shall promptly provide the Commission with written notice of any changes to the information already submitted under §A or B of this regulation.

D. Commission Response to Request for Authorization.

(1) The Commission may impose additional requirements on the facility or the manufacturer before authorizing the action.

(2) The Commission may deny approval of the action.

(3) A facility shall notify the Commission if the action is not completed as approved by the Commission.