.04 Registration.

A. The Commission shall maintain a register of each video lottery terminal and specified table game equipment placed in operation in the State.

B. The table game equipment for which the Commission shall maintain a register under §A of this regulation is:

(1) Table games that contain an approved table layout;

(2) Automated table game shuffling devices;

(3) Table game progressive controllers; and

(4) Any other table game equipment specified by the Commission.

C. For each video lottery terminal placed into operation, the Commission shall incorporate the video lottery terminal into the Commission's central monitoring system.

D. For each piece of video lottery and table gaming equipment specified in §B of this regulation that is placed into operation, the Commission shall:

(1) Assign a registration control number; and

(2) Affix a Commission registration tag.

E. A video lottery terminal or gaming table may not be transported out of the State unless the Commission:

(1) Approves the action; and

(2) If the video lottery terminal is being permanently removed from the State, removes the registration tag.