.07 Permanent Facility.

A. A facility operator shall commence operation of video lottery terminals in a permanent facility within 18 months after the date the Commission issues an operation license.

B. The permanent facility must be located at the location for which the Video Lottery Facility Location Commission awarded a video lottery operation license.

C. The Commission may approve an extension of time for the commencement of operations if:

(1) A facility operator submits a written request for an extension; and

(2) The Commission determines that extenuating circumstances exist that are beyond the control of the facility operator which have prevented the facility operator from complying with §A of this regulation.

D. The Commission may:

(1) Approve an extension of 6 months to comply with §A of this regulation; and

(2) Not grant more than two extensions to a facility operator.

E. If a facility operator fails to comply with the requirements of this regulation, its operation license shall be revoked and shall automatically revert to the State.