.03 Facility Design Standards.

A. A facility operator shall, at its own expense, construct its facility in accordance with specifications established by the Commission, including:

(1) Computer space for the central monitor and control system contractor that is:

(a) Equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning;

(b) Supplied with power including an uninterruptible backup power supply;

(c) Secured with a key or alternative locking mechanism maintained and controlled by representatives of the Commission and central monitor and control system operator in accordance with this subtitle;

(d) Equipped with a door that, when opened, audibly signals the facility operatorís surveillance monitoring room; and

(e) Covered by a surveillance system enabled to record all entry and exit to the computer space and activity in the area;

(2) Equipment storage space for the central monitor and control system contractor;

(3) Equipment storage and repair space for video lottery terminal contractors;

(4) Cable infrastructure access to the gaming floor;

(5) All necessary wiring for the gaming floor, except that wiring which the Commission requires to be installed by a Commission contractor;

(6) A base and high backed seat for each video lottery terminal;

(7) At least 400 square feet of office space for use by Commission staff that is located immediately adjacent to the gaming floor and is equipped with:

(a) Partitioned work space, computers, telephones, copy capability, and supplies sufficient to meet the Commissionís data processing and related needs;

(b) Computer terminals permitting read only access by authorized Commission staff to any computerized slot monitoring system, casino management system, or player tracking system used by the facility operator; and

(c) Keys or alternative locking mechanisms which are under the exclusive control of the Commission;

(8) A surveillance system approved in writing by the Commission that is:

(a) Configured to provide surveillance of all video lottery terminal and table game related activities within the facility in accordance with standards established by the Commission;

(b) Enabled with a digital video recording format in accordance with standards established by the Commission; and

(c) Equipped with a monitoring station for the exclusive use of the Commission which is configured with full camera control capability over the surveillance system and is capable of overriding the camera control capability of the facility operator;

(9) An alarm system connected to all emergency exits from the gaming floor which:

(a) Produces a distinguishable warning sound that is discernible in the vicinity of an exit when the emergency door is opened; and

(b) Requires deactivation and reset by means of a key or alternative locking mechanism maintained and controlled by the security department;

(10) An area for the detention of individuals taken into custody by any law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the facility;

(11) Adequate space for use by the Commission in connection with conducting background investigations of applicants or licensees;

(12) Any signage required by the Commission;

(13) Communication systems capable of effecting timely communication between the facility and the Commission, law enforcement exercising proper jurisdiction over the facility, and emergency first responders; and

(14) Any other equipment or design feature required by the Commission.

B. State Lottery Games.

(1) A facility operator shall provide at least two locations at the facility for the sale of State Lottery games that are offered by or through the Commission.

(2) State Lottery game sales locations shall be situated as near as practicable to a cashiersí cage.