.01 Junket Agreements and Final Reports.

A. A facility operator shall ensure that:

(1) A junket agreement between a facility operator and a junket enterprise, or junket representative, is in writing; and

(2) An executed copy of the junket agreement is submitted to the Commission before a junket arrives at the video lottery facility.

B. A junket agreement shall include at least the following provisions:

(1) If the Commission disapproves a term of the junket agreement, or determines that a junket enterprise or junket representative has engaged in an activity prohibited under Regulation .02 of this chapter:

(a) The Commission shall notify the facility operator that is a party to the junket agreement of the disapproval or determination; and

(b) The operations under the agreement shall be suspended as of the date of the Commissionís disapproval until it is amended by the parties to the satisfaction of the Commission.

(2) The junket enterprise or junket representative shall:

(a) Maintain good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation; and

(b) Obtain and maintain all required business licenses and permits;

(3) The services of the junket enterprise and junket representative will comply with all applicable laws.

C. Junket final reports shall:

(1) Be prepared by a facility operator for a junket engaged in or on its property, and shall include:

(a) The origin of a junket and its date and time of arrival and departure;

(b) The name of all junket enterprises and junket representatives involved in the junket;

(c) A junket manifest that lists the names and addresses of the junket participants;

(d) The nature, amount, and value of complimentary services, accommodations, and other items provided by the facility to a junket participant; and

(e) The total amount of services or other items of value provided to or for the benefit of a patron participating in a junket that was paid for by the junket enterprise, a junket representative, or an agent or employee of a junket enterprise or junket representative;

(2) Be prepared and signed by an employee of the facility operator;

(3) Be prepared within 7 days of completion of the junket; and

(4) Upon request of the Commission, be submitted to the Commission.