.15 Bonds.

A. The Commission may require an applicant or licensee to obtain a bond before the Commission issues or reissues a license.

B. A video lottery employee may be exempted if the employee is not directly involved in video lottery operations and is employed:

(1) As a nongaming employee; or

(2) In any other category of video lottery employee for whom the Commission determines the bond is not necessary to protect the public interest.

C. A bond shall be for the benefit of the State for the faithful performance of the requirements imposed by State Government Article, Title 9, Subtitle 1A, Annotated Code of Maryland, and any regulations issued under that subtitle.

D. For an operator of a facility, or an entity that contracts with the operator of a facility to provide any of the services related to operating the facility, the amount of the bond may not exceed three times the initial licensing fee under State Government Article, §9-1A-36(j), Annotated Code of Maryland.

E. For a manufacturer, the amount of the bond shall be specified in the Commission’s contract with manufacturers of video lottery terminals.

F. For a gaming employee, who is not covered by a bond under §D of this regulation, the amount of the bond:

(1) Shall be determined by the Commission based on the employee’s level of responsibility and the State’s risk of exposure to liability for the employee’s performance; and

(2) May not exceed three times the gaming employee’s initial licensing fee.

G. For any other licensee, the amount of the bond shall be determined by the Commission.

H. The Commission may not issue or reissue a license unless it has received satisfactory proof of a bond.

I. The Commission may apply a bond to the payment of an unpaid liability of the applicant or licensee.