.01 Prize Claiming Period.

A. Unclaimed Monetary Award.

(1) The Director shall retain an unclaimed monetary award for 182 days after the date of the:

(a) Drawing in which the prize was won; or

(b) Announced end of game for an instant ticket.

(2) If no claim for a monetary award is made within 182 days, the Director shall transfer the monetary award to an unclaimed prize fund.

B. Unclaimed Merchandise or Experiential Award.

(1) The Director shall designate the time period for retaining unclaimed merchandise or an experiential award.

(2) If no claim is made for merchandise or an experiential award within the time period designated by the Director, the Director shall designate how the Agency will handle the merchandise or experiential award consistent with any Agency contract or license agreement for the merchandise or experiential award.

(3) If no time period has been designated by the Director for retaining unclaimed merchandise or an experiential award, the period for claiming the award may not exceed 182 days.

C. Unclaimed Prizes Held Other Than 182 Days. The Director may hold a prize in a game or drawing for a period of time other than 182 days if:

(1) The game is not a weekly or daily lottery drawing;

(2) The Director designated the game as a bonus game or drawing; and

(3) The Director designates the claiming period to be a time other than 182 days.