.06 Agency Not Liable.

The Agency is not responsible or liable for:

A. A ticket or entry that is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed;

B. A ticket redeemed by a retailer in error;

C. A winning number repeated, reported, or displayed in error, including by television, media, or by any other form of communication;

D. An outdated or incorrect playslip, ePlayslip, or consumer game information;

E. A claim, liability, injury, or property loss of any kind arising out of a playerís, winnerís, guestís, travelerís, or any other personís participation in:

(1) A lottery game of any kind;

(2) A promotion;

(3) A drawing or a related event or occurrence; or

(4) The award, receipt, possession, use, misuse, or acceptance of a prize;

F. Negligence or breach of obligation of a person other than the Agency, its employees, officials, or members; or

G. Payment of a ticket not in accordance with this subtitle.