.04 Cancellation of Tickets.

A. Draw Games.

(1) Unless cancellation is authorized by this regulation or the rules governing that ticket, a sale of a draw game ticket is final.

(2) A multi-jurisdictional game played with a draw game ticket may be cancelled only if authorized by the rules governing that game.

(3) A ticket purchased at a player-activated terminal may not be cancelled at the PAT, but an eligible ticket may be canceled at a non-PAT terminal at the retailer where the ticket was purchased.

(4) The Director may determine during certain promotions that tickets may not be cancelled.

(5) A draw game ticket may be cancelled only:

(a) By the same retailer from which the ticket was purchased;

(b) On the day of purchase;

(c) Before the designated cutoff time for the first drawing on the ticket; and

(d) If allowed by the game.

(6) Canceling a draw game ticket:

(a) Voids the ticket;

(b) Removes the ticket from the pool of tickets eligible for the drawing; and

(c) Results in the ticket being invalid and not eligible to win a prize.

(7) A retailer presented with a draw game ticket for cancellation shall cancel the ticket as authorized by this regulation.

(8) When a retailer cancels a draw game ticket in accordance with this regulation, the retailer shall:

(a) Ensure that the terminal issues a refund receipt in the amount of the purchase price of the ticket;

(b) Keep the refund slip; and

(c) Pay the player a refund equal to the purchase price of the ticket.

(9) The Agency is not obligated to pay a prize to the holder of a cancelled ticket, even if the ticket was cancelled in error.

B. Instant Ticket Games. Unless the Director determines otherwise, an instant game ticket may not be cancelled.