.11 Prohibited Acts.

A. This regulation does not:

(1) Prevent a person from giving a lottery ticket to another as a gift; or

(2) Prohibit the purchase of a ticket for the purpose of making a gift to a person younger than 18 years old.

B. No person other than a licensed lottery retailer or the retailerís employee or the Agency may sell a lottery ticket or a lottery subscription.

C. A retailer shall require all lottery tickets to be paid for by the purchaser at the time of buying and before the time of the drawing.

D. A retailer may not:

(1) Sell a ticket at any price other than that established by the Director;

(2) Sell to or cash a lottery ticket for a person younger than 18 years old; or

(3) Allow an employee younger than 18 years old to sell or cash a lottery ticket or operate lottery equipment.

E. Except as otherwise provided in these regulations or with the approval of the Director, a retailer may not cancel or accept ticket returns for draw games.

F. All instant ticket sales are final and may not be cancelled once sold.

G. Void Ticket.

(1) A ticket may not be sold for a drawing after that drawing has occurred; and

(2) A ticket sold for a drawing after that drawing has occurred is void.

H. A retailer may not extend credit in any manner for the sale of lottery tickets.

I. A retailer may not offer customers alcoholic beverages to induce them into purchasing or redeeming a lottery ticket.