.09 Payments to Agency.

A. A retailer shall:

(1) Be financially responsible to the Agency for all:

(a) Revenues derived from the sale of lottery tickets;

(b) Lottery tickets in the possession of the retailer; and

(c) Except for tickets cashed through a PAT, tickets that the retailer cashed or cancelled which are later submitted to the Agency for payment;

(2) Make regular weekly settlement and payment remittance in the manner, in the place, and on the day of the week specified by the Agency;

(3) Make more frequent settlement and payment remittances when required by the Director;

(4) Pay a service charge to the Agency for any dishonored check or electronic transfer;

(5) Promptly pay a bonding fee in such amount as the Director determines, when required; and

(6) Promptly pay any fees under this subtitle.

B. Any payment due to the Agency not made within 10 days after the due date shall be charged interest until paid.

C. The Agency may refer delinquent accounts to the Central Collection Unit of the Department of Budget and Management.

D. Delinquent accounts shall be increased by any additional fees authorized by State Finance and Procurement Article, §3-304(a)(2), Annotated Code of Maryland.