.08 Expanded Cashing Authority Program.

A. Establishment.

(1) The Director may establish an Expanded Cashing Authority Program.

(2) Retailers selected by the Director may pay cash prizes up to $5,000.

B. Participation. Before authorizing a retailer to participate in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program, the Director shall consider:

(1) The length of time the retailer has been licensed;

(2) The financial record and responsibility of the retailer;

(3) The retailerís compliance with the requirements of this subtitle;

(4) The need for expanded cashing authority within a specific geographical location;

(5) The number of existing retailers with expanded cashing authority;

(6) The overall performance of the retailer since the license was issued; and

(7) Any other factor deemed relevant by the Director.

C. Retailer Requirements. A retailer in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program shall:

(1) Maintain a separate bank account solely for lottery monies to the credit of the State Lottery Fund;

(2) Ensure the confidential handling of personal information from players and winners by not disclosing any personal information to anyone other than the Agency or as required by law;

(3) Report income tax information relating to holders of winning lottery tickets to the Agency as required by the Internal Revenue Service or the Agency;

(4) For prizes over $600, utilize the lottery terminal to determine, whether a holder of a winning lottery ticket:

(a) Owes a State obligation; or

(b) Is on the Voluntary Exclusion list described in COMAR 36.01.03; and

(5) Deny payment of a prize to the holder of a winning lottery ticket if the Agency has notified the retailer that the holder may not be paid.

D. Recertification for the Program.The Director may establish a periodic recertification process for retailers in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program.

E. Removal from the Program.

(1) A retailer participating in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program may be removed from the Program at any time by the Director.

(2) Removal from the program does not automatically otherwise terminate a retailerís license.

(3) The Director's decision to remove a retailer from the program is final and not subject to appeal.