.07 Payment of Prizes.

A. A retailer shall pay the holder of a winning lottery ticket up to $600 upon submission and validation of the ticket.

B. A retailer shall pay the holder of a valid winning ticket regardless of whether the retailer sold the ticket.

C. Unless the retailer is a participant in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program under Regulation .06 of this chapter, if the winning ticket entitles the holder to a prize that is more than $600, the retailer shall instruct the ticket holder to seek payment from the Agency or a retailer participating in the Expanded Cashing Authority Program.

D. Multiple Claims. A retailer shall:

(1) Except in those cases of multiple claims totaling over $600 by the same person, pay all claims in cash; and

(2) For multiple claims totaling over $600, pay a minimum of $500 in cash toward the claims, and issue checks or money orders for the balance.

E. Validated and Paid Tickets. Unless a ticket is cashed at a PAT, after a ticket is validated and paid, the retailer:

(1) May not return the ticket to the winner; and

(2) Shall secure the ticket.

F. Cashing Period. A retailer or Agency claim center may not cash or otherwise process a winning ticket more than 182 days after the:

(1) Draw date;

(2) Date of sale of a Fast Play game ticket; or

(3) Announced end of the game.