.05 Lost, Stolen, or Missing Tickets.

A. If a ticket is lost, stolen, or missing from a retailer, the Director may reimburse the retailer for the ticket.

B. The Director may require the party responsible for a lost, stolen, or missing ticket to reimburse the Agency.

C. The Agency is not liable to a retailer or player for a lost or stolen ticket.

D. A ticket is void if it:

(1) Is mutilated;

(2) Is altered;

(3) Is irregular;

(4) Is expired;

(5) Fails to meet validation standards; or

(6) Fails to meet security requirements.

E. If a retailer is reimbursed for a lost, stolen, or missing ticket, the retailer shall:

(1) Hold the Agency harmless; and

(2) Provide the Director with as much information considered necessary to process the claim.

F. A retailer may not seek indemnification from another source if reimbursed by the Director for a lost, stolen, or missing ticket.