.03 Sale of Lottery Tickets — Draw Game Ticket Procedure.

A. Playslip or ePlayslip Purchase Procedure. If a player wishes to purchase a ticket using a playslip or an ePlayslip:

(1) A player shall complete a playslip and give it to the retailer; and

(2) The retailer shall:

(a) Process the playslip or ePlayslip through the ticket terminal; and

(b) Issue to the player the specified draw game ticket for the game being played.

B. Vocalized Purchase Procedure.

(1) Randomly Selected Numbers.

(a) If a player wishes to have playable numbers randomly generated for a draw game ticket, a retailer shall enter the game type and the dollar amount the player wants to wager.

(b) The retailer shall deliver to the player the ticket issued by the terminal with the randomly generated numbers for the game printed on the ticket.

(2) Player Selected Numbers.

(a) If the player wishes to provide playable numbers, a retailer may allow a player to vocalize the numbers.

(b) The retailer shall enter the information provided by the player, including:

(i) The game type;

(ii) The dollar amount the player wants to wager;

(iii) The numbers the player selects;

(iv) The number of games the player wishes to play; and

(v) Any other information required by the Agency.

C. Player Activated Terminal.If a player wishes to purchase a ticket using a PAT, the player may purchase the ticket using any method offered on the PAT.