.06 Probationary License.

A. New Retailer.

(1) All licenses issued by the Director to new retailers are probationary licenses.

(2) The Director may terminate a probationary license without a hearing upon determination by the Director that the retailer has violated any provision in this subtitle.

B. Termination.

(1) Before terminating a probationary license, the Director shall send written notice to the retailer of the Agency’s intent to terminate the probationary license.

(2) The notice shall include:

(a) The reason for the termination of the probationary license; and

(b) A statement that the retailer, upon written request, may appear before the Director or the Director’s designee to present the retailer’s views.

(3) A written request to appear before the Director shall be submitted within 10 days of the date of the notice of termination.

(4) Failure to timely submit a written request to appear before the Director shall result in termination of the probationary license.

(5) The decision of the Director to terminate a probationary license is final and not appealable.