.04 Application Process.

A. To obtain a retailer license, a person shall submit to the Agency:

(1) A completed application on the forms required by the Agency; and

(2) Any other information requested by the Director.

B. The Director shall consider:

(1) The financial responsibility and security of the applicant and the applicant's business or activity;

(2) The honesty and integrity of the applicant;

(3) The accessibility of the applicant's place of business or activity to the public;

(4) The suitability of the applicant's business for the sale of lottery tickets;

(5) The applicantís compliance with State and local business and taxation requirements;

(6) The sufficiency of existing licenses to serve the public convenience;

(7) The volume of the applicantís expected total sales;

(8) The accuracy of the information supplied in the application for a lottery retailerís license; and

(9) Any other information deemed relevant by the Director.