.04 Lottery and Gaming Control Director.

A. General Duties. The Director shall:

(1) Supervise and administer the operation of the Agency;

(2) Provide assistance to the Commission in the performance of its duties; and

(3) Advise the Commission about any changes needed to improve the operation or administration of the Agency.

B. Powers of Director.

(1) The Director has all those powers conferred under State Government Article, Title 9, Subtitle 1, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(2) The Director may:

(a) Make determinations on all issues relating to the Agency and all of the Agency’s games, promotions, and special activities;

(b) Determine that a game ticket is void and if the game ticket shall be paid; and

(c) Establish and announce special purchase options which reduce the purchase price of a game for a specified period.

(3) The Director may determine, and change:

(a) The number of prize categories;

(b) The allocation of prize money among prizes;

(c) The price of games;

(d) The probability or odds of winning a game; and

(e) Any other aspect of game play, payment, and implementation.

(4) The Director may:

(a) Authorize the Agency to substitute a prize of equivalent value or higher for a prize; and

(b) Approve a winner’s request to receive a cash equivalent value or other substitute prize for a merchandise or experiential prize.

(5) The Director may determine that a type of ticket shall be cancelled, including an instant ticket, a multi-jurisdictional ticket, and a draw game ticket.

(6) The Director may disqualify a game ticket if a player violates an Agency law or regulation.

(7) The Director may delegate to another individual the performance of any activity, function, or service in connection with the operation of the Lottery.