.03 Training of Election Judges.

A. Development of Training Materials. The State Administrator shall develop an election judges’ manual, forms, and training materials.

B. Schedule and Materials. No later than 30 days before a special election, the local board shall submit to the State Administrator the:

(1) Schedule for training election judges;

(2) Election judges’ manual and forms; and

(3) Training materials.

C. Training Classes. Each election director shall prepare and conduct training classes for election judges in accordance with COMAR

D. Attendance Mandatory.

(1) Each election judge shall attend one training class.

(2) An election director may require an election judge to receive supplemental training.

(3) Except as provided in §D(5) of this regulation, if an election judge serves as assigned, the election judge is entitled to compensation of at least $20 for each required class the election judge attends.

(4) Unless appointed under emergency circumstances, an individual may not serve as an election judge unless the individual has attended the required class.

(5) If a local board appoints an employee to serve as an election judge, the employee may not receive compensation as an election judge.