.03 Prohibited Expenditures.

A. Electoral Purpose. A political committee may only make expenditures that are for an electoral purpose.

B. Prohibited Expenditures. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, a political committee may not make an expenditure of campaign funds, directly or indirectly, in any amount for:

(1) The personal use or the personal benefit of a candidate, the candidateís family, or any other individual;

(2) The mortgage, rent, or utilities for the personal residence of a candidate or candidateís family;

(3) A political endorsement;

(4) Expenses relating to the necessary and ordinary course of holding elective office, except if related to legislative newsletters pursuant to Election Law Article, §13-408, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(5) Expenses not relating to the electoral purposes of the political committee, except if permissible under Election Law Article, §13-247, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(6) Legal defense costs or expenses, except those relating to investigations or legal actions resulting from the conduct of the campaign or election;

(7) Expenses relating to travel outside the country;

(8) Tuition and any other associated costs for educational programs or schooling;

(9) Administrative accounts of the political party central committee or legislative party caucus committee;

(10) Dues or any other expense for:

(a) A legislative caucus in the General Assembly; or

(b) Legislative organizations affiliated with the General Assembly including Society of Senates Past, Speakerís Society, and Protocol; and

(11) A loan to a political committee.

C. Permissible Expenditures. A political committee may make a direct expenditure to a political or advocacy committee or organization not regulated by Election Law Article, Title 13, Annotated Code of Maryland, only if:

(1) The expenditure serves an electoral purpose;

(2) The amount does not exceed $6,000; and

(3) The recipient of the expenditure is a:

(a) Non-federal out-of-State political committee;

(b) Municipal political committee located in Maryland;

(c) Political club;

(d) Federal candidate; or

(e) Inauguration or transition committee organization for a newly elected candidate in the State.

D. Walk-Around Services.

(1) Direct or indirect cash disbursements by a political committee or a person acting on behalf of the political committee for walk-around services are prohibited.

(2) A payment to individuals contracted or employed for walk-around services by a vendor, consultant, or other person at the direction of or agreement by the political committee shall be by check.

(3) The vendor, consultant, or person paid by the political committee for walk-around services shall provide to the treasurer of the political committee for the account books of the political committee the names of, addresses of, and amounts paid to individuals hired by the vendor, consultant, or person for the performance of walk-around services.