.03 Prohibited Expenditures.

A. Electoral Purpose. A political committee may only make expenditures that are for an electoral purpose.

B. Prohibited Expenditures. Except as provided in §C of this regulation, a political committee may not make an expenditure of campaign funds, directly or indirectly, in any amount for:

(1) The personal use or the personal benefit of a candidate, the candidateís family, or any other individual;

(2) The mortgage, rent, or utilities for the personal residence of a candidate or candidateís family;

(3) A political endorsement;

(4) Expenses relating to the necessary and ordinary course of holding elective office, except if related to legislative newsletters pursuant to Election Law Article, §13-408, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(5) Expenses not relating to the electoral purposes of the political committee, except if permissible under Election Law Article, §13-247, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(6) Legal defense costs or expenses, except those relating to investigations or legal actions resulting from the conduct of the campaign or election;

(7) Expenses relating to travel outside the country;

(8) Tuition and any other associated costs for educational programs or schooling;

(9) Administrative accounts of the political party central committee or legislative party caucus committee;

(10) Dues or any other expense for:

(a) A legislative caucus in the General Assembly; or

(b) Legislative organizations affiliated with the General Assembly including Society of Senates Past, Speakerís Society, and Protocol; and

(11) A loan to a political committee.

C. Permissible Expenditures. A political committee may make a direct expenditure to a political or advocacy committee or organization not regulated by Election Law Article, Title 13, Annotated Code of Maryland, only if:

(1) The expenditure serves an electoral purpose;

(2) The amount does not exceed $6,000; and

(3) The recipient of the expenditure is a:

(a) Non-federal out-of-State political committee;

(b) Municipal political committee located in Maryland;

(c) Political club;

(d) Federal candidate;or

(e) Inauguration or transition committee organization for a newly elected candidate in the State.