.03 Free Access System for Determining Whether Absentee Ballot Was Accepted.

A. The State Board shall establish a free access system that any voter who submits an absentee ballot application may access to determine whether the local board received and accepted the voter's absentee ballot application and received and counted the voter's absentee ballot.

B. Information for Free Access System.

(1) Each election director shall use the Statewide voter registration system to process all absentee ballot applications and returned ballots.

(2) The State Board shall use the absentee voting information in the Statewide voter registration system for the free access system.

C. The free access system shall be accessible online through the State Board's website and by calling the State Board's toll-free telephone number.

D. An absentee voter shall be required to provide his or her name and date of birth to be able to access information about his or her absentee ballot.