.05 Ballot Duplication — Team Method.

A. In General. If a ballot inspection team determines that a ballot is unacceptable for machine tabulation, whether the defect existed when the ballot reached the counting center or resulted from processing in the counting center, the ballot shall be duplicated by a ballot duplicating team.

B. Standard for Duplicating. When determining the intent of the voter who cast the original ballot, the ballot duplicating team shall use the standards in COMAR 33.08.02.

C. Disposition of Ballots.

(1) Following duplication, the:

(a) Original ballot shall be replaced by the duplicate ballot; and

(b) Duplicate ballot shall be counted with the ballots for that precinct.

(2) Both ballots shall be:

(a) Given a unique identifying number; and

(b) Securely attached to each other.