.05 Verification Inquiries.

A. When Required. An appropriate verification inquiry shall be made if:

(1) Information required to be given on the VRA is missing or incomplete;

(2) Information given on the VRA appears unclear or inconsistent;

(3) The applicant provides a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) identification number or at least the last four digits of a Social Security number as the personal identification number; or

(4) For any reason, the election director is uncertain what action should be taken on the application.

B. How to Make.

(1) Verification inquiries should be made so as to:

(a) Permit timely and appropriate action on applications; and

(b) Avoid needless rejections.

(2) The verification of a personal identification number shall be made in accordance with procedures established by the State Board.

(3) If an applicant's personal identification number cannot be verified, the local board shall request that the applicant provide personal identification information to establish the applicant's identity.

(4) Upon receipt or presentation of personal identification information, the verification inquiry shall be complete.

C. The election director is not responsible for any failure to complete an inquiry in time for the applicant to vote in, or effect a change before, an election but the election director shall follow the procedures and timeframes for verification established by the State Administrator.