.10 Participant Rights.

A. In addition to any other rights, a participant shall have the right to:

(1) Be treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of human dignity and individuality;

(2) Receive care and services that are adequate and appropriate;

(3) Privacy;

(4) Be free from emotional and physical abuse;

(5) Practice the religion of the participant's choice or to abstain from religious practice;

(6) Be free from discrimination, as provided by State and federal law; and

(7) Refuse or consent to medical treatment.

B. A provider shall:

(1) Conspicuously post at all times the list of participant rights identified in §A of this regulation:

(a) In the facility; and

(b) In the provider's office; and

(2) Give a copy of the list of participant rights to each participant at the time of admission.