.09 Staffing.

A. A provider shall have a staff-to-participant ratio which is adequate to provide the services required in Regulation .14 of this chapter.

B. The provider shall provide or assure that its staff participates in training, as necessary, to ensure that each participant obtains quality congregate housing services consistent with the participant's needs.

C. If a provider provides services to individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related disorders:

(1) The provider shall provide annual education to staff on the care of individuals with dementia; and

(2) Employees shall complete an in-service training on dementia that addresses the physical, intellectual, and behavioral manifestations of dementia and techniques to assist and manage dementia participants before the later of:

(a) 180 days from the beginning of staff member's employment; or

(b) December 31, 2005.

D. Employees of a provider whose jobs require them to enter a participant's apartment or have physical contact with a participant:

(1) Shall be 18 years old or older;

(2) Shall be of good moral character;

(3) Shall be literate if job responsibilities require reading or writing;

(4) Shall be able to communicate effectively with the participant;

(5) Shall have sufficient skills, education, training, and experience to perform the required services;

(6) Shall have sufficient physical, emotional, and mental capacity to perform the duties required;

(7) Shall fully cooperate with a provider's efforts to comply with Health-General Article, Title 19, Subtitle 19, Annotated Code of Maryland (Adult Dependent Care Programs — Criminal History Records Checks and Background Checks);

(8) May not have been convicted of, received a probation before judgment for, or entered a plea of nolo contendere to a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude or theft, or have any other criminal history that indicates behavior which is potentially harmful to participants;

(9) May not be cited on the Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant Registry under COMAR with a determination of:

(a) Abuse;

(b) Misappropriation of resident property; or

(c) Neglect; and

(10) May not have violated any State or local law regulating residential care facilities that resulted in revocation or nonrenewal of a license or certificate.