.07 Change of Provider During Term of Subsidy Services Agreement.

A. A certificate is not transferable. An entity other than the current provider may become the certificate holder and the new provider for a facility, only if:

(1) The Department agrees to the change; and

(2) The proposed new provider obtains a certificate for the facility.

B. An existing provider seeking to have a new entity become the provider for a facility shall notify the Department at least 90 days before the proposed effective date of the change. The entity seeking to be the new provider shall apply for a certificate at least 60 days before the proposed date for the change.

C. A provider shall remain responsible for the operation of the Program at the facility until the Department approves the proposed change by:

(1) Rescinding the provider's certificate; and

(2) Issuing a new certificate to a new provider.

D. A provider shall notify its participants in writing of a proposed change to a new provider at least 60 days prior to the proposed effective date of the change. The notification shall contain at least:

(1) A proposed date of the change;

(2) A name, address, and telephone number of the proposed new provider; and

(3) A name and telephone number of an individual in the Department or local agency on aging that a participant may call with questions.