.03 Certificate Requirements.

A. An applicant for a certificate shall submit to the Department:

(1) Documentation that verifies that:

(a) The facility in which the applicant proposes to provide congregate housing services is owned, leased, or otherwise under the control of the applicant; or

(b) The applicant has entered into a written agreement with the owner or management of the facility that specifies that the applicant is to be the sole congregate housing services provider for residents in the facility; and

(2) A statement under oath from the owner or manager of the facility stating that:

(a) The facility is in compliance with applicable local laws and regulations that govern housing, life safety, zoning, and environmental health; and

(b) The facility's structural systems, heating, hot and cold water, electricity, plumbing, artificial and natural lighting, sewage, ventilation, and any other physical components governed by law or regulation, are safe, sanitary, functional, adequate, and in compliance with State and local law.

B. A facility shall conform to all of the applicable rules, regulations, and standards of any government agency through which it is financed, insured, or subsidized, including the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Rural Housing Service, or the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

C. An applicant shall also submit evidence to the Department that demonstrates that the applicant has the capacity to deliver the services required by this chapter.

D. Evidence submitted to meet the requirements of §C of this regulation shall include:

(1) A statement of the mission, goals, and objectives of the applicant;

(2) Information about the applicant's experience providing services to the elderly;

(3) A description of:

(a) All the services to be provided; and

(b) A proposed fee schedule;

(4) An operating budget that supports the proposed fee schedule and identifies:

(a) The anticipated sources of revenue; and

(b) Service utilization assumptions;

(5) A proposed weekly staffing pattern;

(6) Proposed salary schedules;

(7) A sample 4-week menu cycle that has been reviewed and approved in writing by a registered dietician;

(8) A statement of the applicant's goals and objectives for providing services at the facility; and

(9) Any other relevant information requested by the Department.